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Dior. Year after year, it’s one of the most anticipated shows Fashion Month has to offer in any of its cities! This year’s runway show in Paris did not disappoint, and as per usual, the models’ hair looked just as gorgeous as the opulent attire they adorned. Here’s the complete how-to from Redken’s Creative Consultant Guido, who strove to create a modern all its own. “The hair this season is without reference,” he remarked. “It isn’t from a particular era, which I love because it makes the look feel instantly modern and fresh. The style is chic, beautiful and a bit boyish. It is a classic Dior look.”


  1. Apply Rekden hardwear 16 super strong gel on the hairline
  2. Comb through and create a clean left side part
  3. Blow dry with round brush, lifting right side up and back to get a little bit of height
  4. Comb through again and gather hair into a low ponytail, securing with a hair tie
  5. Comb Redken hardwear 16 super strong gel through ponytail with a fine toothed comb and apply shine flash 02 glistening mist all over
  6. Twist ponytail from base to ends and twist up into a low chignon
  7. Pin all around chignon
  8. Finish with Redken control addict 28 high control hairspray for a strong hold