Colorist in Focus: Adriana Pinto


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Adriana Pinto knew from a very early age that she wanted to be in the business of hair; when she was a young girl, she was constantly playing around with different styles, and discovered quickly that she had an inherent knack for it.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 4.26.56 PMAfter launching her career in San Francisco, she moved down the coast to Los Angeles, bringing her talents to Frederic Fekkai in Beverly Hills, where she made a name for herself as one of Southern California’s premier colorists before making the move to Mèche. Today, with more than 15 years of experience under her belt and a highly specialized ability with regard to balayage, Adriana counts the sun-kissed highlights you see on children as her main source of inspiration—and it shows. The hallmark of her color is that it’s virtually impossible to tell it’s not natural. Always fashion-forward, Adriana also looks to the runways and looks from her favorite designers’ upcoming collections to get inspired.

Stylist in Focus: Aaron King


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Hailing from Costa Mesa, CA, Aaron King’s background in the arts and his exceptional eye for all things beauty made him a natural as a professional hair artist.

Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 1.28.33 PMHaving experienced heightened success and recognition for his ability to craft natural looking color, precision cutting, and runway-grade styling in Newport Beach, Orange County, King decided to bring his talents to the heart of it all, Beverly Hills.
Using art, fashion and beauty as his inspirations, King is now a successful hair cutter and stylist at Mèche Salon, where he continues to work with some of the biggest names in fashion and TV.

Book Balayage for Your Next Appointment


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Balayage highlights are the best way to brighten up your color to get the most natural ‘sun-kissed’ look.  The balayage highlight technique has become extremely popular following various celebrities who have adopted the look including Lily Aldridge and Chrissy Teigen.  Balayage means ‘hair painting,’ and the technique requires the colorist do just that to create an overall more natural-looking finish. In this photo, Sara Connor brightened up the natural reddish tint of this client’s hair.

tumblr_nignw6alh91qgdikwo5_500 tumblr_nignw6alh91qgdikwo6_500

Balayage is a great option for those looking for a low maintenance way to upgrade their color. Because the applied color begins where the sun would naturally hit the hair instead of right at the root, it doesn’t need to be touched up as often. Find out more about Sara Connor’s highlighting technique on her blog:

The Secret to Camila Alves’ Blonde Color from Tracey Cunningham


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Why not take your new year to the next level with a whole new hair color? Camila Alves got inspired to completely change it up and become a blonde for the first time.  With the help of hair expert Tracey Cunningham, the star achieved her new look just in time for award season.  To make this transformation happen, Tracey trusted some of her usual products from Redken and Olaplex.
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.21.08 PM
In order to lighten up Camila’s hair, Tracey began by breaking the base with Redken’s 7AB<30 volume.  Once the base was one, she used color gels clear with 30 volume.  Tracey returned Camila back to the shampoo bowl so she was able to use an applicator bottle on the ends of the hair and let it sit for about 5 minutes. After a rinse, shampoo, conditioner and a quick dry, Tracey began the lightening process by using 30 volume of flash light and 1/4 oz. of Olaplex.  Next, Tracey bayalaged Camila’s hair with 40 volume of flash light and 1/8 oz. of Olaplex. To finish, Tracey rinsed the root zone with Shadeseq Gloss, 9nb+9n on the hairline and 7nb+9nb+9n on the base for 20 minutes.  Finally, she shampooed, conditioned, and dried to then gloss the hair with 8gg+8c for 2 minutes! In the end, Camila looked like a brand new woman ready for red carpet season!
Screen Shot 2015-01-16 at 2.21.38 PM

Colorist in Focus: Yvonne Brown


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A highly sought-after celebrity colorist with nearly two decades of experience, Yvonne Brown follows in the footsteps of her parents, both of whom counted hairdressing as their profession. After finishing school at Vidal Sassoon, Yvonne began her career at LA’s Art Luna salon, where she assisted Sheri Roman for several years before following the color legend to her namesake Roman Salon in 2006. Three years later, she made the move to Byron & Tracey, where she continued to make a name for herself as an expert in her field—and today, she’s one of the brightest talents at Meche salon.


Inspired by the unique beauty she sees in each of her clients, Yvonne is continually honing her craft and techniques to create looks equal parts elegant and striking. Throughout the years, she’s developed a lengthy following of loyal clients, and today works alongside her sister, Melissa Brown, and Raz Rivera—renowned experts in the art of hair extensions—to create red carpet looks for the likes of Giuliana Rancic, Catt Sadler and Liz Hernandez. See more from Yvonne on her website and on Instagram.

How To: Creating Eniko Mihalik’s Color


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Achieving that perfect natural look is never easy, but Victoria’s Secret Angel Eniko Mihalik sure makes it look good! Tracey Cunningham got this Angel’s locks runway ready with the help of a few trusty products from Redken and Olaplex.

Screen Shot 2014-12-04 at 3.17.01 PM

@mreniko looking flawless backstage and on the pink carpet at the 2014 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

To bring out Eniko’s natural blonde, Tracy started out with Redken’s Flash lift using 30 volume and ¼ oz of Olaplex to allow room for new growth. Then, for the already dyed blonde underneath, she used flash lift 20 volume with ¼ oz of Olaplex. Tracey suggests using two different developers so that the timing is perfect and your hair is left healthy!

Tracey then balayaged Eniko’s hair with 40 volume of flash lift and ¼ oz of Olaplex. After the initial highlight, Tracey completed another round of highlights to create the perfect shade. Once this process was complete, Tracey glossed over the roots with Redken Shades Eq using 7nb/20+9nb/20+9n/30cc for 20 minutes and put Olaplex on the ends while the gloss was processing.

In the end, Eniko was left with luminous tresses that were sure to light up the runway!

Colorist in Focus: Rich Ohnmacht

When Rich Ohnmacht was in college, he found himself cutting and coloring his friends’ hair to earn extra cash—so it’s completely natural he decided to make the art of hair his full-time profession years later.
Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 3.20.58 PM

A fixture in Hollywood’s competitive hair industry, he spent 15 years at Joseph Martin Salon and 10 years at Beverly Hills’ Frederic Fekkai Salon before making the move to Mèche. An avid surfer, Rich has always loved the look of highlights that mimic the effects of the sun. Along with the beach, he considers music to be one of his biggest inspirations.

How To: On-the-Go Up-Do


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We all have those mornings when we press the snooze button a few too many times. Luckily, here at Méche, we have an arsenal of expert stylists who can turn your bedhead into something beautiful! Below, Stylist Jasmin Robles provides her tips on creating a simple braided up-do in 5 minutes that will be sure to impress!

Screen Shot 2014-11-24 at 10.22.22 AM

First, apply dry shampoo to your hair to give it a bit of texture. Plus, it absorbs oils and smells great!
Pro tip: Second day hair is great for up-do hair styles. The messier the better. 

Then, choose a side you’d like the braid on. Taking a section of hair from the front of the side of your choice, begin french braiding from the part down. To give the braid that pop-out effect, go under then over, creating a Dutch french braid. And then secure with a clear elastic.

Leaving the braid out, gather your hair at the nape of your neck into a low ponytail, twist & pin.

Finally, grab the braid & pin into the bun. And voilà! A quick, easy and cute look perfect for any occasion!

For more hairspiration, follow Jasmin at @jasminsmaneattraction.

Sophia Amoruso Opens LA Store with a Bangin’ New Look


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Sophia Amoruso primped for the opening of Nasty Gal’s first flagship store in LA with a bangin’ new ‘do. The #GIRLBOSS headed to Mèche to swap her bob for a little more length and to revisit her illustrious baby bangs. Before and after pictures below!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 2.01.49 PMAll hands were on deck to create her show-stopping look — coveted colorist Tracey Cunningham revamped her color while Sarah Conner added length with hand sewn extensions and Stacey Ho cut her bangs.

Sophia Amoruso shows off her new hair with Meche’s Sarah Conner & Stacey Ho


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