Stylist in Focus: Guy Riggio

GUYThis is Guy Riggio. Yes, he’s covered in tattoos and no, his mouth doesn’t have a filter. This dude knows his way around a head of hair… but did you also know he has a psychology degree? That he makes custom shirts? And that he’s styled some of the hottest Hollywood stars?

His clientele is loyal, stylish, sweet, and laid-back. Just like he is. Although, he’ll probably have my head for calling him “sweet” publicly, but he’s a good egg. Like an annoying little sister, I picked his brain for a bit…

Where are you originally from?

I was born and raised in Long Island, NY. Growing up fifteen minutes from Manhattan fueled me with a lot of creative influences. There was a great deal of energy coming at me from every angle.

What made you choose hair styling as a conductor for all that creative energy? What got you started in the industry?
I’ve been cutting for about seventeen years now. I’ve always been drawn to all kinds of art and working with my hands, but hair seemed to be a natural outlet for me. While I was getting my psychology degree, I did freelance hair on the side.

Hang on… Psychology degree? You can’t just throw that in! Why did you decide to go to school for psychology?
Well, I grew up with artists and musicians, so I was always leaning more towards art, but because I was “smart” my parents wanted me to study more practical things. I found myself taking more art classes and religious classes than just the run-of-the-mill electives. By my junior year, I knew that I was going to pursue either hair or photography. So, I finished out my senior year taking a few graduate classes along with studies at the International Center of Photography.
What made you decide to move into hair?
The hair industry to me seemed creative, fun, and practical all-in-one.  I was able to be around my creative friends more and drop the “one dimensional” scene. I felt more like myself in a creative field. I love making people happy, so that’s an added reward in styling. Besides, I get to use my degree!
ff_musk3_fHow did your interests in other mediums and forms of art influence your styling work?
As I grew and became more successful as a stylist, so did my propensity for counter culture. The art and fashion scene along with indie music took me on a fun journey through my hair career. They all seemed to synergize with one another.
Are you still making art?
Oh yeah, I am constantly making art at home… whether it be making clothing or drawing.  Having one foot in the creative world has helped me maintain a cutting edge that I believe few have. I secretly love seeing people getting inspired by me.
Are there any specific accomplishments so far in your career that you are especially proud of?
Over the years I prided myself on balancing doing movies and major shoots while sustaining a salon clientele. So many stylists have to choose one. I managed to handle both.
guyimgWhat would you say is your “signature” or “speciality”? Or what do you enjoy doing most?
I get a great deal of satisfaction working with long hair. Long layers to aggressive layers. I became pegged as the long hair guy cause of the “it” girls I was styling.
Any specific styles you’d like to receive more requests for?
Short hair is always a fun art project for me. I love the challenge of making a girl still look pretty and sexy with a fitting short cut.
ABC+Upfront+Presentation+hWSeLa6fHiBlIf you could do anyone’s  hair (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Well, because there are so many women that need makeovers… I’ll just name a dead man to make it easier. Bruce Lee.
Bruce Lee, eh?
Yeah, instead of a swinging bowl cut? How about a crazy, post-apocalyptic, swept-over mohawk? Shaved sides, hair hanging over… Just pure badassery.
You can find Guy’s work on his website:
And his personal Instagram: @guyriggiohair

Tracey Cunningham Color Class




On Sunday, March 8th, thirty colorists from across the US, even France, made the pilgrimage to Meche Salon for Tracey Cunningham’s first ever color class!

Immediately following her announcement for the March 8th class, via Instagram, Meche’s phones exploded. Our poor receptionist, Dana, was completely overwhelmed! In fact, up until the day of the class, we were bombarded with phone calls, emails, and Instagram comments about future classes, models, and cancellation lists. This in addition to the high volume of calls we already receive! Oof! Thank you for your enthusiasm and support! We are flattered and truly grateful!

At the end of the first day, Tracey called into the salon and so sweetly asked “Has anyone signed up for the class yet?”

To which Dana replied “Uh, Tracey… it sold out in an hour and a half! I had to shut the phones off!”

Tracey, often humble and unaware of her own celebrity, was blown away and ecstatic! She immediately set out to plan what she would demonstrate and how.

Fast forward 4 weeks, I walked into our salon to find it rigged with two 60″ flat screen monitors streaming a live feed of the class, fresh catering, and 30 attentive, excited colorists. Tracey is known to work herself to the point of exhaustion (she loves her work!) so we tried to limit the class to 4 models, but she managed to sneak in an extra 3 models! She also put together a lovely gift bag for everyone!

The class was a massive success and she’s already in the beginning stages of planning another! A huge thank you to everyone who helped make this possible! Stay tuned to the salon’s instagram and Tracey’s for upcoming classes!

Take a peek at some of the models from the day!

Devin flew out from Oklahoma to participate in the class! She had been highlighting her hair blonde for quite some time. Tracey turned her into a fiery little ginger! I love how it brings out the warmth in her skin! Pushing vibrant color into pale, porous blonde can be a task in and of itself, but Tracey made Devin the perfect tone of red for her.

IMG_6114 IMG_6115


Alexis came in with a virgin, natural brunette head of hair. Tracey put some highlights à la Lily Aldridge in to accent Adrian Castillo’s cut. Amazing what a little dimension can do!



Makeup Artist, Kymber, came in with about 4 inches of gray. Tracey wanted to make it easier for her to transition into gray. She highlighted and toned the regrowth, softening the transitioning. Stunning!


Stylist in Focus: Hannah Burdy


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I sat down with our stylist, Hannah Burdy, to dish about hair, trends, and art.


Where are you from?
I’m originally from California, but spent my formative years in New York City.

How did you get started in hair?
When I was young, I dabbled a bit in modeling and acting. This introduced me to the industry.

What excites you about the industry?
I actually wanted to go to art school, but my parents told me I couldn’t survive financially in the “art world.” That and they wouldn’t help pay for college. Since art school was out, hair was a creative outlet for me. Now I’m hooked.


Are there any specific accomplishments so far in your career that you are especially proud of?

I feel very lucky to have been able to do so much in my field! I travel and teach throughout the US. I’ve won awards. I’ve been able to maintain my amazing, loyal clientele in NYC. I travel out there every six weeks to see them. Through my agent, Cloutier Remix Agency, I have been getting into a bit set life: commercials, TV shows, music videos, and photoshoots. To be continuously learning and staying inspired in this industry, fuels my passion and professional drive. Lastly, I’m proud to have the ability to make people feel and look good!

What would you say is your “signature” or “speciality”? Or what do you enjoy doing most?
My specialties would be: fringe (aka bangs), short hair (pixie cuts and bobs), men’s cuts, updos, and huge changes/makeovers, but I feel I’m very well rounded hairstylist and enjoy working with all lengths and textures! The diversity excites me.


If you could do anyone’s  hair (dead or alive) who would it be and why?
Can I choose a dead and an alive person?!

I guess I’ll give you a pass… 
Okay good! For my resurrected client… John Lennon because he seemed to be just an amazing individual, artist, and musician. I always loved his look, plus, he was a Beatle! And for my living client, Björk! I admire her as an artist and musician. She’s so creative, I’d be able to cut or style all kinds of unique shapes on her… So fun! Can we let her know I’m interested?

We’ll have our people call her people. Haha. 

Now, since you’re a bicoastal stylist, what are some of the main differences you notice in hair style preferences between east and west coast?
East coast is sleek, clean, sharp lines. They’re simplistic and chic, serving up editorial edge. I find east coasters to be into heavy fringe with long sleek hair, ponytails, and bobs.

West coast is all about soft lines, volume, beautiful, long, healthy, lived-in hair. More of a commercial or lifestyle/beauty feel. I’m asked for beachy, soft curls and waves or voluminous looks a lot.


Off hair, what are some of your major music and artistic influences?
For artists… I’m really into Yayoi Kusama, Wassily Kandinsky, Dali, and Van Gogh specifically. I find myself drawn to a lot of abstract expressionism, pop art, minimalism, conceptual art.

How New York of you! Haha Musicians?
Of course, Björk and the Beatles, but also Kate Bush, Led Zeppelin, A Tribe Called West, The XX, Jamie XX, FKA Twigs, and Lykki Li.

You can find Hannah’s work on her website:
and her personal Instagram: @hannahburdy


Halston Sage featured in Flaunt Magazine!


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Halston Sage is currently featured on Flaunt Magazine’s website!

Halston has been a long time client of ours. She sees Tracey Cunningham for her dimensional, natural blonde and Joseph Orozco for those long, gorgeous layers.

She’s a fresh-faced 21-year-old actress, and just about the sweetest thing ever. You’ve seen her in Neighbors, The Bling Ring, and NBC’s drama Crisis. This past year, she has been busy gallivanting across the US shooting three new films, currently in post-production: GoosebumpsPaper Towns, and Scouts vs. Zombies.

Check out the interview and gorgeous photos:


Karmen Pedaru for Michael Kors


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Karmen Pedaru is again the Face of Michael Kors. For his new SS15 campaign. The Estonian beauty is posing on a yacht, in elegant floral prints, in front of the camera photographer Mario Testino. Michelle Pugh transformed her hair from brunette to blonde here at Meche Salon.

Kors’ vision was to have Karmen blonde for the shoot, harkening back to his previous campaigns. The week before the shoot, however, Karmen had to dye her hair brunette for another photoshoot. She was flown from Europe to LA, straight to a fitting with Kors, then shuttled over to Meche for Michelle to begin the transformation. (Don’t worry, we had freshly brewed coffee.)


Michelle’s main concern for Karmen’s makeover was not to damage her superfine hair. Fortunately, the previous colorist had used a demi-permanent color. This allowed Karmen’s naturally blonde hair to start releasing the brunette pigment. She had lightened into a golden, light brown over the course of a week of shampooing.


Our little magician, Michelle, was able to highlight with Olaplaex. Now, when bleaching over dark hair that has already been bleached, it is important to be super cognizant to watch the dye process, as to avoid damage. She was able to work fast–rinsing sections while simultaneously applying color to other sections. She multi-tasked again by putting Olaplex on the finished sections while she was still highlighting the remaining sections. (MAGICIAN.)
In the end Karmen and Michael Kors were super happy with the result, and the fact that her hair’s integrity remained in tact?! Amazing!


Abbey Lee in Russh Magazine!


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Our client, Abbey Lee, is featured in a short film and the cover of Australia’s Russh Magazine February/March issue! Shot by Gracie Otto and Daniella Rech in the deserts outside LA, the short film is reminiscent of the movie Little Birds. A hopeless, passionate romance between the talent.

Whether it’s a soft, dusty pink or beachy, carefree blonde, Sarah Conner nails her color every time! Abbey is a laid-back sweetheart and with an über busy modeling career, the less fuss & maintenance, the better.

“Abbey likes her hair to look as natural as possible–no streaky highlights at all. So, I did baby-fine highlights close together. This gives her the look of a blended blonde-resembling a slightly grown out bleach & tone without the harsh procedure of one.”
-Sarah Conner

We also love that Renya Xydis, a good friend of Tracey’s, coincidentally did the hair styling in this shoot! Check out the film via the link below and the full editorial in the current Russh Magazine issue!






Photographer: Daniella Rech
Director: Gracie Otto
Hair Stylist: Renya Xydis
Make-Up: Tamah Krinsky
Talent: Abbey Lee & Chris Gooris
Stylist: Shibon Kennedy

Thank you Russh Magazine!

Product Spotlight: Davines

We have a new addition to our hair care products here at MèCHE! Davines (pronounced dahv-IN-es) is an Italian company, founded in 1983. We were not only impressed by the products themselves, but the company as well! Their products are formulated without sulfates or parabens, and contain natural ingredients. Being hair professionals, we’ve tried endless “all natural” products that just didn’t work. These products are UH-MAZE-ING! The company is also eco-conscious. Their offices and farm locations are utilize wind, solar, hydro, and soil energy to run this amazing line.

Davines OI Line

We are pretty much obsessed with the OI line. This is one of their Zero Impact® products. To offset the carbon dioxide emissions during the production process, Davines, partnered with LifeGate, help fund forest creation and protection in Italy, Costa Rica, and Madagascar. (source: OI is formulated to be perfect for just about every hair type. We do, however, warn those with extensions to use caution, as this line does have oil in it, which could jeopardize the extension adhesive’s integrity if used directly on bonds and tapes. The scent is an intoxicating powdery, musky, floral that stays with you but is not over-powering. It’s also super moisturizing, but doesn’t weigh even the limpest of hair down! The OI All-In-One Milk is a perfect prep before styling. It battles frizz, detangles, adds shine and moisture, protects from heat, even speeds the blow drying process! Love love love!

We are currently carrying:

  • VOLU Mist (Volumizing spray)
  • This Is A Texturizing Dust (Awesome dust that adds volume and texture!)
  • This is A Medium Hold, Pliable Paste (Adds shine, medium hold, and texture!)
  • This Is A Sea Salt Spray (We all love a good beachy look. This is the best salt spray on Earth!)
  • SOLU Shampoo (Clarifying shampoo that doesn’t strip color!)
  • VOLU Shampoo (Volumizing shampoo for fine/limp hair! COLOR SAFE!)
  • MINU Shampoo & Conditioner (Perfect for colored hair. Has an orange blossom/fresh greens note scent.)
  • LOVE Curl Shampoo & Conditioner (For bouncy, smooth curls! Lovely citrus/floral scent.)
  • LOVE Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner (For those of us with thick, frizzy, or unmanageable hair.)
  • OI Shampoo, Conditioner, All-In-One Milk, Beautifying Potion (Ideal for all hair types. Wonderful powder, fresh scent. Made with Roucou Oil.)

Ask your stylist or the ladies at the desk which product would be ideal for you!


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