Chelsea Belushi featured on Refinery29!


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Meche’s own Chelsea Belushi was contacted by Refinery29 for the inside scoop on coloring your way to fuller hair! Well, hang on, coloring your way to the illusion of more hair.

Screen Shot 2015-11-19 at 1.37.06 PM

We all know vitamins such as Viviscal and Nutrafol (Ahem, both sold at Meche!) work miracles, but some of us just have that infantile-fine hair that won’t stay Texas sized no matter how much teasing goes in there. So how do you make your hair look thicker?

Check out the article here!

Thank you to Lexy Lebsack for writing such a great article!

Kari Hill Featured on Good Morning America 40th Anniversary Edition!

Fresh off the presses!


Today was a busy morning at Meche! Kari Hill was featured on today’s episode of Good Morning America, which happened to also mark the show’s 40th year on air!

Kari, the celebrity color ambassador for L’Oreal Paris, divulged some of her coveted hair color tricks! She shows how she achieves those baby-fine highlights in salon and gives viewers tips on how to do it yourself at home!

Check out the video link below for the entire segment!

Kari Hill on Good Morning America!


Melissa Brown featured on Glamour Online!


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Almost immediately after stepping on the red carpet at the 2015 Emmy Awards yesterday, Glamour Magazine online jumped on Giuliana Rancic’s look for the night… and rightfully so!

Giuliana has seen the Meche sister duo, Melissa and Yvonne Brown, as well as Rasanda Rivera for many years. Yvonne, mastering Giuliana’s many color changes, and Melissa and Raz tag teaming up to both lengthen and shorten those glam locks!

Last night, Melissa kept Giuliana’s hair down, but behind her shoulders, complimenting her décolletage skimming dress by Ziad Nakad.

“This woman fights me all the time about having her hair pulled back off her face! The makeup artist, stylist, and I will all agree on the look with her hair pulled back, and the moment I step off set, she pulls it forward!” Melissa laughs, “I had to pin the hair behind her ears for this look!”

Melissa explained how she styled Giuliana’s hair for you to try yourself!

“Giuliana has fine hair, so I spritz’d a pretty generous amount of thickening spray in her towel-dried hair for some extra oomph. I then dried small sections, one at a time, teasing the root as I brought each piece down. I set the curls with the amazing Leonor Greyl Voluforme Spray and a little bit of Oribe Dry Texture. For any fly-aways, the Leonor Greyl Serum de Soie works wonders. Rub a little in your palms and smooth over the finished look. Amazing! I’m relieved she kept her hair behind her ears!”

giuliana melissa brown

You can read the entire article here!

Kari Hill featured on Byrdie!


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Colorist, Kari Hill, is featured on Byrdie, where she gave Byrdie Editor, Michelle Scanga, a sun-kissed, tortoiseshell makeover!

Kari is the official celebrity colorist for L’Oreal. The article is geared towards “at home” tips, but of course, to get the look, I’d suggest seeing a professional… and probably making that professional Kari herself. ;)

Check out a few photos from the makeover and read the article in its entirety here!







Although he wasn’t mentioned in the piece, I’d like to take a moment to appreciate that smoking hot blowout compliments of Jesse Montana! MeeeOW!

You can see more of Kari Hill’s work via her Instagram: @karihillhair

Thank you to and Michelle Scanga for the opportunity and beautiful article!


Face Forward LA Charity Class!


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On Sunday, August 30th, 2015, Tracey Cunningham held a very special color class. Proceeds went to an amazing organization, Face Forward.

Face Forward helps women and children to heal the scars of domestic abuse or any cruel act of crime, both physically and mentally. Read more on their website! They are making miracles happen.

Tracey waved her magic color brush over some gorgeous hair models. Check out the transformations!


IMG_1235 IMG_1234

IMG_6881 IMG_1237 IMG_7035 IMG_4953

Follow Tracey and Meche on Instagram for future class announcements!

Meche on! did a fabulous article about our Mondays here at Meche! 

Writer SunHee Grinnell popped in on a Monday to see Chelsea Belushi for a little bit of color and a blowout from Miss Stacy Ho! 

If you didn’t know already, yes! We are open Mondays! As well as every other day of the week! When you’re serving up the fiercest hair in town, you don’t get a day off!

Check out the Vanity Fair article here

Joseph Orozco and Sarah Conner featured on Mane Addicts!


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Kelly Oxford Meche SalonKelly Oxford Meche Salon

Kelly Oxford, NY Times Bestseller, screenwriter, blogger, and social media goddess, wanted a little change. So she came into Meche Salon to see Sarah Conner for some extensions and a cut with Joseph Orozco!

Check out some of the awesome images below and the article here!

Sarah Conner

Joseph Orozco Joseph Orozco

Sarah Conner

Thank you to Mane Addicts for featuring our Meche family!

Sarah Conner

Danny Rishoff featured on Refinery29!


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Danny Rishoff is featured on in their fall haircut article!

One of our babely clients, Leslie Ann Brandt, star of the coming Fox TV show, Lucifer, is the subject of discussion. Her uber sexy, decolletage-skimming cut is perfect for ladies with thick or curly hair!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 1.25.43 PM

Check out the entire article here:

Thank you to Refinery29 and writer, Lexy Lebsack for featuring one of our Meche family again!

Tracey and Kari featured on!


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Tracey Cunningham and Kari Hill are featured in an awesome article on! This article gives you 15 handy (some being crucial) points to follow before getting your hair colored!

My personal favorite commandments:

1) PHOTOS! Bring in photos of what you want and some of what you DON’T want!

2) Using Instagram to research colorists and stylists. I love this because it is, hands down, the best platform to see the most current work by professionals. Follow us: @MecheSalonLA

3) DO NOT USE BOX COLOR. The article says “if it’s your first time coloring,” but just never touch it. It’s never good for your hair and it is always the worst to try to correct, lift, or change.

4) Price. “It’s tough to estimate how much a coloring appointment will cost.” We get calls for price estimations and we try to give a good ballpark figure of what you should expect to pay, but there are many factors that cause pricing to vary greatly. The best bet is to set up an quick, complimentary 15-minute consultation with your colorist or stylist to discuss what you want to accomplish and they can give you an exact price of what you will be charged.

Check out the rest of the article here!

Summer Hair Care


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Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge

If you are anything like me, you have been lurking vacation Instagram accounts and planning a 2015 summer bucket list since last November. Now that the summer is finally upon us, guurrrl, you have got to remember to care for your hair as much as you do your dewy, tanned skin!

Our stylists and colorists here at Meche gave me some amazing tips to keep your color fresh and your ends as healthy as can be!



1) Scissors!
No, I don’t mean use them yourself! Instead, have one of our talented professionals help you. Sun, wind, salt, and chlorine can really do a number on your locks. Dry, parched hair is more prone to breakage and damage, but getting regular trims, every 8 weeks or so, helps prevent split ends from splitting further. (I’ll discuss moisture later.)

Tip! If you’ve got a big pool party or BBQ coming up, book it that morning or day before and viola! Your hair is done! Can you say ‘poolside goddess?’



2) Keratin Treatments!
If you have unmanageable hair the thought of hot, humid days can make you cringe. Don’t worry! Come in and get a keratin treatment! You’ve probably heard of the “Brazilian Blowout.” That’s what a “keratin treatment.” Now, before you say “No! I’ve had them both! They’re different,” allow me to explain: They are the same chemically. Brazilian Blowout is the brand of keratin that kind of made the entire service grow in popularity, but the actual treatment can be used two ways:

1: Your hair is shampooed and hair is dried slightly. Then the keratin formula is applied to the hair–it’s gel-like–and the hair is then thoroughly dried. Finally, your hair is flat-ironed to seal the proteins to the hair shaft. You leave the product in your hair for 48 hours, without getting it wet. This provides a soft-straightening that smooths your hair, but not stick-straight like a Japanese treatment. It’s not only healthier, but more natural looking as well.

2: The second way is considered the “blowout.” It’s done the same way, except after you are flat-ironed, the hair is immediately washed and then blown out. This gives you all of the benefits of the first method, but doesn’t straighten the hair. Just makes it perfectly manageable, shiny, and smooth.

You can always discuss which is better for your hair type and goals with your stylist. Mario Mendoza is our keratin specialist and we even have a special, outdoor station specifically designed for keratin services! If you have any questions or concerns regarding the treatment, please give us a call!



3) Pooltime!
It’s summer… what does nearly every summer related activity include? Water, of course! Nothing will bum you out more than turning those luscious, golden highlights green. To avoid turning into a sloth, Chelsea Wernsman suggests putting conditioner in damp hair before swimming to protect against chlorine.

“Light hair is typically porous, especially if it is chemically lightened. Pre-dampening before getting in the pool minimizes minerals depositing into the shaft of your hair. These minerals can cause blondes to go green, brunettes to feel brassy, or make your color look overall dingy. Putting conditioner on your hair before getting in the pool provides a barrier.”
-Chelsea Wernsman

If your hair does still turn a lovely shade of mossy sludge, come in for a “crystal treatment” to remove tint. It takes about 20 minutes. A gel mixture is applied to clean, damp hair. Depending on your level of mossiness, they may put you under some heat to help open the hair to draw all that stuff out.

“I am a big fan of the crystals treatment. Not only does it strip the accumulated chlorine, bromine, and other elements in pool water, but it’s also vegan! You can also help your hair avoid mineral deposits by keeping it healthy and moisturized. I have my clients do a monthly, overnight Olaplex treatment.”
-Michelle Pugh



4) SPF.
You know to put it on to shield your dewy, goddess skin from those harmful UV rays, but did you also know you can be protecting your color with it too?! That’s right ladies and gents! Put some of the Hawaiian Tropic onto your hair to protect against color draining sun-rays.

“When applying sunscreen on the rest of your face and body, apply a dime size amount to your hair like a cream styling product. This protects your hair from UV damage and color fading.” 
-Chelsea Wernsman

5) Grease up!
Ah, crap. Did your beachy, salty waves dry your hair out? Oil up, baby! We have an UH-MAZING summer oil here at Meche Salon by Leonor Greyl called “L’Huile de Leonor Greyl.”

It is a blend of natural oils including copra oil (from cold-pressed coconut kernels) and mongongo oil (from an African tree nut). These oils repell water, hydrate, and have natural UVA and UVB protection, so it’s perfect for the day at the beach! Just put a little in your palm, rub until warm, and smooth over hair from pony-tail down. Next thing you know, you’ll be smelling and looking like a greased up Maxim model at la playa! Meow!

If you can’t get into Meche to grab some of this oil, coconut oil is always a favorite of mine! Great for skin as well!

6) Braids!
If you have long hair, in the heat you just want it gone. Instead of throwing your hair up in a bun or pony, which can cause damage, try a braid! They keep tangles at bay when you’re sashay-ing around in the breeze, look super Bohemian-chic, and do way less damage on your hair than our usual options. Plus, when you take it out, you’ve got some sexy waves!

If your hair does get tangled, don’t brush like a toddler! Use some finesse and love! Improper brushing is one of the fastest ways to breakage.



So now that you’re out there strutting around, looking like page out of Sports Illustrated, with your beloved Meche colored and styled locks, don’t forget to tag us in your smokin’ hot pics! Happy summer lovelies!

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